How do I buy a keycap?
I make keycaps in small batches on an irregular schedule. Be sure to follow me on instagram or subscribe via email to be notified when the next batch is available.


Do you do commissions?
Commissions are currently closed while I work on getting the store up and running, but check back later! 


Can I suggest an idea for your next batch?
Absolutely! No promises or guarantees that I will make it, but you are welcome to fill out my contact form with your suggestion. 


Design X is sold out! Can you make more?
It's possible! Feel free to DM me on instagram or contact me to request another run of a certain design. No promises, but if there's a lot of interest I will consider it.


Do you sell internationally?
Yep! But not to every country unfortunately. Please check the checkout for list of available countries.


Feel free to contact us for any other questions